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Will you chase love

I watch him leaning against the wall, eyes slightly closed with a cigarette between his lips, his hand moves up and his long fingers wrap around the bud of the cigarette, slowly taking it out of his mouth. He inhales the smoke slightly before he blows the smoke out. He moves the hand with the cigarette down and lets it hang next to his body.  I know I should stop seeing him, especially right now, he is taken but I can’t help it. I’m addicted to him, his sweet taste mixed with the cigarettes he smokes and the alcohol he drinks, his blue eyes that get me hypnotized by just looking at them.  He is my worst addiction, he has the same effect on me like drugs have on people, they can’t stop it, they need it, when they can’t have it, they will do everything to get it and if they can’t get it, they will start getting withdrawal symptoms. For me there is only one way to get it, when he is drunk. At those moments he doesn't care about what he’s doing. He doesn’t seem to think about his lover back at his home, all that he seems to think about is me.
“Ash,” his deep voice sends shivers down my spine, I look up to look him right in his mesmerizing eyes. He moves his hand with the cigarette up again,placing it against his lips to take another inhalation from it, while doing that he slowly walks towards me. He throws away the cigarette bud, slightly opening the first button of his shirt, showing some of his inked skin. Seducing me like this is what he does all the time, he walks closer to me, a small smirk playing on his lips as he stops right in front of me.

I can’t help it but to give in once he is pressed against me, bucking his hips against mine. I feel his lips glide over my neck, shivering slightly as I feel the cold metal of his lip ring against my skin. He softly sucks on the skin of my neck and I let a soft whimper escape my lip as I feel his teeth softy dig into my skin, leaving a small love bite behind.
When his lips left the skin on my neck a soft whimper left my lips, a low chuckle escaping from his lips before I feel his lips crash against mine. We ended up in a kiss with teeth clashing together, tongues roaming around each others mouth. My hands hold his hips, clinging to him slightly, I feel his hand moving up my back, his fingers tangling in my hair, grabbing it harshly as he slightly pulls it to end our kiss. I look at him with a dazed look in my eyes, trying to catch my breath as I see him with a smirk played on his lips, a look he always gives me, a look that makes me weak in the knees.
“You know today will be the last time, right?” he asks.
It breaks my heart to hear those words, but it isn’t the first time he told them. He keeps telling them, but never keeping with his words. In the end he’ll come back, begging me to meet up with him till I give in. He doesn’t beg with words, he knows precisely how to play with my feelings and beg in that way. Every time I give in I know the outcome, I’ll be the heartbroken one and he’ll pretend it never happened. It goes on like this for months already, every time I’ve moved on, he is right in front of me, making me crave for his touch with just one simple look at me.
“I know it’ll be.” I say with a little sigh.  ”Come on Ash, let me see that smile of yours,” He says, looking me straight in the eyes.
I force a small fake smile to form on my lips, he takes enough with it, probably not even knowing it’s a fake one, he moves in again, breathing slowly against my ear.

“You know Ash,” he starts, brushing his lips against my earlobe, “There are many people out there that want you, why are you sticking around with me?” he whispers softly.
“Because I want you,” I breathe out hoarsely, following with a soft whisper, “because I love you Andy.”
Like always he ignores me when I tell him that I love him, he’ll play the deaf man for a while and I’ve learned to accept that, just like how I’ve learned not to argue with him over this. I will lose when I start to argue with him, no matter how strong I am, he knows how to crumble my arguments. I slowly look up at him, as I do he crashes his lips against mine again, this time in a sweeter way. I feel his hand crawl under the hem of my shirt and after a few seconds he pulls away.
“Let’s move to your apartment.” He murmurs against my lips.
Before I get a chance to reply him, his lips are on mine again, pulling away after a brief touch. I nod at him and he drags me towards my car, so we can go to my apartment. I let my eyes glide over the neighborhood we’re in, it’s a sketchy one with only a bar open, I bet ended spend most of his evening there before contacting me. I get in the car and drive off with Andy to my place.

Once we arrive at the door of my apartment, my shirt is already ripped off and Andy is tugging at my belt, trying to unbuckle it so he can work on my pants. When we enter my place, Andy kicks the door closed, going back to work on my belt, finally managing the open it. While moving to my bedroom Andy manages to get the two of us fully stripped to our boxers only, those are removed in no time.
Andy pushes me on the bed, crawling on top of me, teasing me with kisses all over my stomach. He outlines my ‘outlaw’ tattoo with his tongue, occasionally sucking and biting on the skin around my tattoo.
“Give me the lube.” He murmurs against my skin.
He slowly kisses his way down my stomach, as I reach for the drawer to grab the lube, once I get it, I throw it next to me, knowing Andy will notice it. A soft gasp leaves my lips as I feel Andy his tongue slowly pressed against my shaft. I hear him fumble with the lube while he keeps running his tongue down my shaft, pressing it softly against the vein to put some pressure, another gasp, this time a louder one leaves my lips. 

I feel Andy’s fingers wrap around my shaft, and his tongue pushed against my slit, a loud moan escapes my lips. I feel him moving my legs slightly apart and a slicked fingertip pressed against my entrance, his tongue still putting pressure on my slit.
Slowly he pushes the finger past the ring of muscles, curling it up slightly, I part my lips at the feeling and let a soft noise escape my mouth, making Andy chuckle. Soon two more fingers are added, stretching me. The room is filled with my heavy breathing and moans.
When Andy removes his fingers from me slowly a long whine leaves my lips, pleading for more. I look at Andy through half lidded eyes, he stares back at me with that smirk still on his face. He lifts my legs up, placing them slightly around his waist as he moves closer, I automatically wrap my legs around his waist. He grabs the lube again, pouring some on his hand before spreading it over his shaft. I feel the tip pressed against my hole, and slowly he pushes past the ring of muscles, gasping softly as my walls clench slightly around his shaft. He doesn’t move, probably letting me get used to the feel of him inside me, but after all those times I’m used to it.
“Please move.” I nearly beg.
He does what I say and starts to move his hips in slow thrusting movements, trying to find his pace. After a while he speeds up the moving of his hips, nearly snapping them up in a fast pace, brushing against my sweet spot making me let out a loud moan of his name. I can hear him chuckle after that, before repeating the movement, brushing against my sweet spot. Making me pant loudly, I can feel him move forward, blowing slightly in my ear before he speaks.
“You’re such a slut Ash.” He whispers, before snapping his hips faster.

I look at him through my half closed lids, letting a soft whimper from my lips at his words, pushing myself down on him, watching his face. Drops of sweat trickling down his face, his blue eyes staring at me. I move closer to him, placing my lips on his Adam’s apple and trailing my tongue over it. I nearly bite down on his skin as I feel his fingers wrapping around my shaft, his nail slightly scratching my slit.
I kiss my way up his neck, dragging my teeth slightly over his earlobe, before sucking it between my lips and pulling slightly on it, bucking my hips along his movements.  ”I love you.” I murmur softly before spilling my load all over his hand.
Seconds after, he murmurs the same as he spills his load inside of me, bucking his hips slower to ride out his orgasm, once he has ridden out his orgasm he pulls out and I can feel his load spilling out of me. I grab for some tissues and grin lazily as I get them on the first try, handing some over to Andy before cleaning myself. Throwing them aside once I’m done and laying down with my eyes closed, letting the words Andy said to me go through my head. It was a barely audible murmur, but I still heard him clearly say ‘I love you’

Andy surprises me when I feel his arms wrap around me, hugging me as I he lays down too. I know not to expect too much from this, because once I wake up he’ll be gone. He will be home, playing the nice man he is in front of his girlfriend, she should know the truth about him, how he is playing behind her back.
With different thoughts roaming around my head, thoughts about Andy, my feelings and most definitely thoughts about him saying he loves me I slowly fall asleep.    Just as I expected, I was right. When I woke up in the morning Andy wasn’t next to me anymore. I slowly get out of bed, checking the bathroom, the living room and even the kitchen, but he was nowhere to find. Once in the kitchen, I see a plate, that’s covered, it probably contains food. As I walk closer I notice there is some note next to it, the first thing I do is pick up the note and let my eyes scan over it, reading the words.
Ashley, will you chase love, wherever that love goes to?
In confusion, I stare at the note, trying to figure out what Andy means with it.


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