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fic update
Title: we fight and make up [like a married couple]
Author: vanillafishy
Pairing: hunhan
Summary: Kangin hates it, hates how it has to go, but it will be alright, right?
Rating: pg
Genre: au, romance
Disclaimer: only owning the story
A/N: 3 pages of word vomit, plus it was a request. wrote it in my classes so mistakes are tend to be there.. has sort of a manly Luhan in it :p
Beta: none

Why does he even dare to ask that? Well there stood a name that was something along the lines of Jieun now I think of it and it sort of sounds familiar.

Title: I'll Be The DJ, You'll Be The Dance-floor
Author: vanillafishy
Pairing: kyuhyuk
Summary Lee Hyukjae doesn't fit in, not because he can't, but because he doesn't want to
Rating: pg/pg-13
Genre: romance AU, highschool
Disclaimer: only owning the story.
Beta: none
“Well playing the same game you did play on me, you know I don’t like seeing you dance together with Sungmin,”

Title: Summer camp hell, or not?
Author: vanillafishy
Pairing: different ones, groups that will be in the story are, F(X), Super junior, Shinee, DBSK, The Grace, SNSD, Kangta, Trax, Exo, Boa and Zhang Liyin pairings will consist of people from every group, yeah.
Summary: Students of SM high will go to an summer camp, but will it be how they thought it would be.Things are different then what are told on school, and how will they deal with it?
Rating: pg/pg-13 will be nc-17 in some chapters
Genre: AU, high school, romance, crack
Warning: mess of pairings, mess of smut everywhere?
Disclaimer: i only own the story.
Beta: none

e always act as if he is in love with me, but we all know he is one of the biggest playboys at school.


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